DPC is committed to bringing the good news of Jesus to people near and far. And we seek to build meaningful, enduring connections between our church family and the kingdom workers we support.


Through prayer and financial means, we support the following:



Our Community Missions

University of Alabama in Huntsville Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) www.rufuah.org

Alabama A & M Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)  www.aamu.ruf.org

Auburn University Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) www.auburn.ruf.org

Troy University Campus Outreach (CO) www.campusoutreach.org

Young Life www.younglife.org

Grace Covenant Church www.gracecovenantathens.org

The Refuge of Grace  www.therefugeofgrace.org

Neighborhood Christian Center www.decaturncc.org

Set Free from Within www.setfreefromwithin.com

Community Free Clinic www.clinicdecatur.org

Hospice of the Valley www.hospiceofthevalley.net

Save A Life   www.decaturpregnancy.com







Our World Missions

Samuel & Dr. Silvia Martínez – Dominican Republic

Bill & Cheryl Nikides – The Muslim World

Wayne & Amy Newsome – Japan

Daniel & Yatang Cohee – Taiwan

Joel & Judy Linton – Taiwan



Click on a last name below to view more information about each missionary:



Dominican Republic

Samuel & Dr. Silvia Martínez

Dr. Silvia Martinez and her husband, Samuel, serve in the DR. Silvia is a medical doctor and operates a clinic and community health program in a city called Los Angeles. They also run feeding programs and mobile clinics in the community of El Cacique and in the bateys which are very poor immigrant communities of Haitian sugar cane workers. Silvia does not just minister to the people’s physical needs; everyone who passes through Dr. Silvia’s clinic or benefits from one of her programs hears the good news of Jesus Christ.   Her ministry is known in the DR as Sociedad Lucas.


Donations: You may send donations to the Martinez family to DPC.



Bangladesh, Turkey, and England

Bill & Cheryl Nikides

Bill and Cheryl serve four Presbyterian denominations in the fields of church planting and leadership development: the Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh (PCB); the Turkish Protestant Reformed Church (TPRK); the International Presbyterian Church (IPC), a denomination started by Francis Schaeffer that stretches from England to Azerbaijan; and the PCA (Bill is a Presbytery mentor for the pastor of a Native American church plant in Billings, Montana). They spend 50% of the year outside of the USA. Bill teaches in seminaries, Bible colleges, churches and remote villages. Their passion is seeing churches planted by Muslim converts in their own communities. Their work includes planting multicultural churches and developing church leaders across Europe and Asia.


Donations: You may send donations to the Nikides family to DPC.




Wayne & Amy Newsome

Wayne served as a short term missionary in Japan with MTW from 1982 to 1985, teaching English and the Bible. God confirmed his call to missions and gave him a great love for the people of Japan during this time. After attending Reformed Theological Seminary, he was accepted with MTW in 1987. Amy and Wayne married in 1988, and returned as a family to Japan in 1991.


The Newsomes serve as team leaders of the Nagoya church-planting team. The Newsome’s last few terms have been spent establishing a structure for ongoing ministry in Nagoya. The team has now begun a phase which includes church plants, college ministry, partnering with and training Japanese pastors, and establishing a church planting movement in one of the most unreached areas in Japan.


The Nagoya church planting team rejoices in the great work God is doing there. The newest church plant, Nisshin Christ Church, was organized as an official church, many seekers are attending worship services, new believers are preparing for baptism, and many are studying the Bible and moving along in the process of meeting Christ.


Wayne and Amy also continue to seek God’s will concerning the development of a counseling ministry to serve the community and church. By God’s grace they hope to see the kingdom expand throughout Nagoya, central Japan and the world.


Donations: You may send donations to the Newsome family to DPC.





Daniel & Yatang Cohee


Daniel is the son of Frank and Molly Cohee and grew up as a member of the DPC congregation. After graduating from Covenant College, he spent several years in short term missions both in Romania and also in East Asia. He later earned his M.Div. from Westminster Seminary and has served as a pastoral intern in several churches in the PCA.


In 2008, Daniel moved to Taiwan to study Mandarin and work with Joel Linton at a Taipei church plant, New Hope Church. This church particularized in 2008 and is now part of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taiwan denomination.


In 2009, Daniel moved back to Alabama to raise support for long term missions as well as take his ordination exams in the Evangel Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America. He was ordained in September, 2009 as a pastor-missionary to Taiwan. Daniel moved to Taiwan in early 2010. In addition to studying Mandarin and Taiwanese, Daniel pastors New Hope Church, takes part in evangelism and discipleship, trains pastoral interns, and has begun laying the groundwork for future church planting and church-planter training. Daniel works with New Hope Church, the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, and students from the Reformed Theological Seminary in Taipei.


Daniel and Yatang met at a language school in Taipei in 2008 and were married in Taiwan in September 2012.


Donations: You may send donations to the Cohee family to DPC.





Joel & Judy Linton


Joel was born in South Korea into a family with a multi-generational legacy of mission work. Judy was born in Taiwan into a non-Christian family. Both of them came to know Christ in childhood. They met during graduate school and married in 1998. Soon after, God called them to a lifetime service of church planting and evangelism in Taiwan where they moved in 2002. Joel was ordained in 2004 in the P.C.A. Currently, in addition to evangelism, Joel mentors pastoral and missionary interns and church planters. Judy’s life story (see judylinton.com) and the tragedy that befell her family, has made her known throughout Taiwan. This notoriety gives Judy the opportunity to focus on more public evangelism in the mass media through music, her autobiography, and her book on infant care. Many times in interviews of secular radio station talk shows Judy is asked to share “the reason for the hope she has.” We pray many more opportunities to share will come.


In May of 2016, Joel received a doctorate in applied theology (D.Min.) from Birmingham Theological Seminary, after writing and defending his dissertation on starting and sustaining healthy rural churches. They are scheduled to begin a new church planting work on the east coast of Taiwan in the fall of 2016.


Donations: You may send donations to the Linton family to DPC.


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