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The Ezra Worship Initiative (EWI) is a paid summer worship internship for college age students with an interest in music and worship leadership. EWI wants to expand the perspective of young people to the potential life of bi-vocational worship leadership. The mission of EWI is to develop musically gifted bi-vocational individuals into leaders who can serve with the pastor to shepherd the church in rich congregational worship. The dates for the internship are May 23, 2022 through July 31, 2022.




The Ideal Candidate

  • Is a college student between the ages of 18 and 25
  • Is humble, teachable, dependable, available, and able to work with a team
  • Maintains a strong testimony of following Jesus Christ
  • Desires to grow in his/her calling in Worship leadership
  • Holds an interest in Christian ministry as a bi-vocational or fulltime calling
  • Supports the mission/vision/and beliefs of Decatur Presbyterian Church


The Program Objective

The program objective is to recruit musical student worship leaders to a creative and rich community of personal and spiritual development. This includes:

  • A 10-week paid ($3000) summer hands on worship internship
  • Working with a 5 member team of other like-minded interns
  • Growing personally in Christ
  • On-site experience within the Decatur Presbyterian Community including:

    • Worship band and worship leadership practice and participation
    • Musical and liturgical service planning with the pastors
    • Basic hands on experience with Livestream, FOH mixing, Lighting, Camera, Computer presentation, recording and STEM software

  • Opportunity to serve other church and community ministries with music
  • Housing provided for the group
  • Weekly class instruction with credit toward a Certificate of Worship from Birmingham Theological Seminary (BTS)
  • Personal mentorship and spiritual development
  • A one week international mission trip to the Dominican Republic
  • Meeting with other worship leaders/thinkers in ministry
  • Various community building events
  • End of internship evaluation and guidance



What are the dates for the internship?  May 23, 2022 to July 31, 2022

Is the internship paid?  Yes. $300/week for total of $3000.

Will I be responsible for purchasing materials or books for the internship?  No, all materials will be provided at no cost to the student.

Will I be responsible for the cost of the BTS seminary course and materials?  No, all material and tuition will be provided at no cost to the student.

Will I be responsible for the cost of the Dominican Republic Mission Trip?  No, all airlines tickets and other trip costs will be provided at no cost to the student.

Will I need a passport for the Dominican trip?  Yes. And if you don’t have a passport or yours is out of date, you should apply and or update your passport immediately.

Will I be responsible for the cost of housing?  No, all housing will be provided at no cost to the student

Do I have to attend Decatur Presbyterian Church while serving as an intern?  Although you don’t have to be a member, it is expected that an intern will fully invest in DPC throughout the entirety of the program.

Can I work another part time job while serving as an Ezra intern?  We would ask you to give your full attention and time to the internship.

What is a “Certificate of Worship Ministry”?  A Certificate program is seminary level instruction, designed to provide short, concise studies that target a specific area of learning for the student that desires personal growth in that field.

How much of the “Certificate of Worship” will I complete during the internship?  You will complete one of 4 classes needed for a Certificate of Worship Ministry from Birmingham Theological Seminary.

When will I complete the other three classes needed for the “Certificate of Worship”?  Anytime, anywhere you desire. The remaining classes can be taken by remote learning at your convenience. At Ezra, we will keep in touch over time and provide the encouragement you need to complete this worthwhile certificate.



To Apply

Complete the Online Application


As part of that application, you should submit a resume and a video/audio recording of you playing and/or singing. Please don’t be overly concerned with quality; as long as it can be clearly seen/heard. The recording can be as basic as you can provide.


You will be contacted by phone or e-mail within two weeks of your application regarding your next steps in the application process.


Contact Lee with application questions.





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