• RYM Parenting Conference

    April 5 & 6

    Not just for youth parents. For all parents, future parents, maybe future parents, for all who care about parents and students, and who hunger for wisdom regarding
    the challenges facing today's church.

    Friday night, April 5 (2 sessions, 7-9 pm): these two sessions will be directed toward parents' hearts. Parenting is hard work, and we often get discouraged! But it's a high and holy calling. In these two sessions we'll be framing the work and calling of parents around the cross of Jesus Christ. What does it meant to live out the gospel, as a parent?

    Saturday, April 6 (2 sessions, 8:30-12:30 pm): these two sessions will be more of the nuts and bolts of parenting, where we deal with some of the difficult topics of today. In particular:
    Digital Christianity: Thinking Biblically About Teens & Technology - Technology is a great good God has given to humanity. Sin, however, has tarnished all of God's good gifts and brings about chaos and confusion in this area of God's world. As parents and pastors, we must disciple our children in all areas of life; including technology. In this seminar, parents will receive a biblical framework to discuss many of the challenges they face with teens and technology.

    Pornography: Preparing Our Kids for Worldly Images - Statistically speaking, church-goers are viewing pornography just as much as those who aren't attending church. While that is sobering enough, the average age of exposure to pornography is getting younger and younger. Part of our parenting in this area is preparing our children for a world that's filled with pornography. In this seminar, parents and pastors will receive many talking-points to educate and prepare their children and congregations for this dark aspect of our culture.

  • Youth Group

    This Wednesday, 5:30 pm meal, 6:00 pm start. Friends, Games, Worship, #theology, I AM's, Food, Fun. Invite a friend!

  • Life Groups!

    Wednesday nights, adult small groups will meet together, If you're not in a LG and want to be or are interested in leading one, please contact Rick Stark.

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